First Real-World utility product using blockchain technology

A unique initiative to transform the way chemistry is looked upon in life, industry, and environment.



Tattva118 Journey begins with Elements
Why Elements?

People believe that Elements are best left for laboratories, and one need not embrace them as they do not impact day-to-day life.
But it turns out that Elements are at the center of everything one can see, smell, touch, and taste, and they control the Existence, Survival, Affluence, and Progress of life, industry, and the environment. Hence, Elements!

The known 118 elements of the periodic table will be brought into Metaverse, Movie, and Magic. Tattva118 will facilitate decentralization of Entertainment, Education, and the Environment space for the community to be at the center of the decision, contribution, and impact.

The Journey Begins


The sale of 13,924 Element NFTs is the first stage in the journey through Tattvaverse. Owning an Element NFT provides the buyer numerous privileges to enter the presales and private sales of other assets in Tattvaverse. It also opens the access to Tattva Lab.

These are unique Element NFTs developed by a team of visual artists and chemistry experts. Besides being incredible collectibles, they work as special keys in the roadmap.
These are exciting Generative NFTs which include rare and standard features for each Element, and they open the doorway to the future roadmap.


An exclusive and sophisticated lab for Element NFT owners to Care for, Experiment with, Grow, and Train their elements. It helps generate a lot of assets using the owned Elements.


According to Indian philosophy, Tattvas are the elements in our universe that constitute human experience. Tattva118 will build one of its kind Metaverse that includes the Elements, Lands, Laboratory, and Factory.

The Upcoming Journey


The sale of 250,632 hexagonal lands is the second stage of Tattvaverse. The land will have immersive zones for visitors to engage and learn to earn.


Distributed hexagonal lands
inspired by the periodic table of elements

Tattvaverse is a unified world built by each landowner for others to visit and immerse themselves. Each land can have a various combination of zones constructed on it for the visitors to learn, play, meet, and participate.
The hexagonal lands are divided into 118 blocks of land, signifying the periodic table blocks. Each block further comprises 2124 unique lands.
One can own more than one land in the same or different blocks. The versemaker tool helps the landowner construct various zones on the land.


Tattvaverse has an inbuilt learn-to-earn ecosystem that allows the players to earn the Utility Token while participating in various activities, tasks, or games in different zones.
The accumulated tokens can be used to pay tuition fees to an institute or donate to promote various education, environment, or employment generating causes.


An open factory for anyone to construct and
Publish assets on the marketplace to trade.

Q4 2021

• Team Setup for element design

• Designing the genesis element

Q1 2022

• Designing avatar elements

• Team setup for Tattvaverse Development

Q2 2022

• Tattva118 Website Launch

Q3 2022

• Minting Tattva118 Element NFT

• Launching Tattva118 YouTube Channel

• Board and Card Game

Q4 2022

• Launching Tattva118 Lab

• Tattva118 Collectibles and Merchandise

• Launching Eduttva – Educational Initiative

Q1 2023

• Launching Tattva118 Coin

• Tattva118 Movies - Phase 1 - Concept finalization and beginning of script writing

Q2 2023

• Tattvaverse NFT (LAND) & Versemaker

• Tattva118 Factory

Q3 2023

• Exclusive Tattva118 Market Place for Asset Trading

• Tattva118 Graphic Novels

• Eduttva for school



Tattva118 is the first real-world utility product delivering multiple components under movies, metaverse, and magic using web3 ecosystem. It unifies the vision for entertainment, education, and the environment for the world.
We have divided all the components of Tattva118 under three categories Metaverse, Movie and Magic. We are beginning with the Element NFT sale as the first milestone of this product. You can take a glimpse of what is in the store on the specific pages for Metaverse-Movie-Magic. We are sure about delivering more than what we have listed now.
Tattva118 will begin by offering 13,924 Element NFTs for the community to be a part of the journey. The other components will be released as per the roadmap.
Element NFTs are inspired by the elements of the periodic table. There are 13,924 NFTs combining 118 Genesis NFTs and 13806 Avatar NFTs.
Each Genesis Element NFT has been conceptualized by a team of visual artists and chemistry experts. Each of them is unique and has features inspired by the characteristics of the chemical element. Owning a Genesis Element NFT gives you special benefits in the future of the product.
Avatar Element NFTs are exciting Generative NFTs which include rare and standard features for each Element, and they open the doorway to the future roadmap.
Owning an Element NFT gives you an exclusive access to Tattva118 Lab, presales of Land NFTs, owning Tattva118 Coins, access to movie and magic ecosystem, and many more as per the roadmap.
The Element NFT will be minted on the Tattva118 website. The secondary sales will be available on associated NFT marketplaces like Opensea.
Yes. You will be able to resell on the associated NFT marketplace like Opensea.
Element NFTs will be minted on Ethereum blockchain.
Element NFTs will be open for sale as the first token in Tattva118. The Land NFT will be released for sale later in the journey as per the roadmap.
We will declare that soon.


We are a design-animation studio and love doing different things and doing things differently. We have always been at the forefront of these ever-evolving times, incubating new technologies with cutting-edge artistic pursuits. We are now on a journey to build Tattva118, the first blockchain driven ecosystem with real life application, unifying the vision for entertainment, education, and environment. In the decentralized world using the web3 ecosystem, we will offer metaverse, movies, and magic.  

We are a team of idealistic hearts and maverick minds and have combined intelligence and innovation to deliver the finest expressions of quality with unique resolutions.

We follow a personal approach to a product which stems from our core ideology to serve simplicity with sophistication. That’s Paperboat.


Chief Executive Officer
Soumitra Ranade
Chief Design Officer
Aashish Mall
Chief Operating Officer
Patel Mayank
Chief Product Officer
Rajkumar Singh
Concept & Character
Apeksha Nimkar
Paint & Illustration
Viral Patil
Senior Visualiser
Sushrita B
Animation Head
Mahendra K


Group CEO, VMC Pte. Ltd.
Abhayanand Singh
CSO, VMCl Pte. Ltd.
Dhruv Saxena
CSO, VMCl Pte. Ltd.
Andrew James Long
Prashant Sahane
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